{4-Part Course} How To Become A Nail Boss Consultation Bundle

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{4-Part Course} How To Become A Nail Boss Consultation Bundle

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Are you ready to end the nervous sweats?

When clients ask you to do something you’re still new at, you can now do it with confidence because you know proven fundamental nail techniques.

This is a perfect 4 part course for you if you’re new or an aspiring nail tech wanting to advance in your nail journey and accelerate your skills.

Don’t hold back and stay stuck in your nail journey anymore. It will cost you way more money in the long run. Your time and energy are worth the investment and I can’t wait to educate you on fundamentals such as

1. Nail Shaping (Oval, Stiletto, Coffin, Almond, Round). These are the most common shapes but not always easy to create in a timely manner

2. Applying Acrylics. You want to make sure your consistency is predictable so you don’t have lumps or nails that are too thick or thin.

3. Nail Fill-Ins. When your client comes back, how you do their fill-in is very important for the health of their nails. Doing this properly will increase your revenue and keep clients coming back

4. Nail Designs. Learn 3 simple & easy designs that you can alternate to make custom designs for each client. This will increase your confidence in doing designs and your revenue.


“I don’t have much of a business yet. Should I wait until I’ve got more experience?”

Yes! It will probably benefit you more so because you won’t have to unlearn any techniques that don’t work. The best way to learn quickly is to learn from an expert who has proven techniques

“I’m a seasoned nail tech, will this course still be beneficial to me?”

Absolutely! There is always an advantage to learning others techniques in order to better your own

“What if I already know most everything you’re going to teach?”

Well then you probably already have booked out clients but if you’re unsure in any way then I encourage you to get the course and see for yourself. We usually always learn something new through someone else's eyes.

“Will this help me if I don’t have any clients yet?”

Yes it will! In fact this will help you to make sure your skills are up to par to keep the clients that you will soon have coming to you on a regular basis.

“I’m strapped right now. Is there a payment plan?”

Right now there isn’t a payment plan but I assure you that if you’re committed to your nail journey then you will make back the investment of $200. The gems you learn will help you gain confidence in your skills and you will attract what you need to make back your money and then some.

“What are the details/features?”

||| FAST-ACTION BONUS ||| Buy the course by Monday July 5 11:59 EST for the limited rate of $200 and you’ll get a 30 min video consultation call with me. We can talk about your goals, specific skills you’re working on, or any questions you have while taking the course. This is only available to 10 course purchasers

||| CERTIFICATE ||| You will receive a certificate at the end of completing the course

||| SUBTITLES ||| This can help improve learning and understanding making it even more accessible to all

||| INTRO VIDEOS TO EACH CLASS ||| I will be showing my face in each intro video to give you the needed encouragement to continue in your journey and finish the course strong so you can take the skills and progress even further!

||| LIFETIME ACCESS ||| Yup you read that right, I want you to be able to go back whenever you need to! This is a huge plus since it is a self-paced course that drips the content out to you as you finish each class.

“Do I get a refund if I don’t like it?”

No I don’t offer a refund, given the digital nature of the course but I’d never want you to be unhappy with the course so email me in the first 30 days and we’ll make things right.

Meet Your Nail Educator:

My name is Sheena, I've been licensed in the nail industry for over 20 years and have had the privilege to teach many nail techs in my 1:1 classes the skills to be sought after nail techs.

From the basics (full sets and fill-ins), nail art classes (encapsulated full sets and 3D nail art), to advanced classes (how to master your own nails and bridging beauty with business).

Passing on the entrepreneurial torch my mom gave me to teach nail techs is a huge passion of mine and I’m so excited to be a part of so many nail journeys.

I've been blessed to be the nail technician for rapper/actress Lil' Mo. The skills I've acquired have even landed me in Nail Art Gallery Magazine and Nails Magazine. 


⬇Here's what some have had to say about the 1:1 training I've provided ⬇

"I have actively worked for this organization for a month in a half. So far I have learned to give a spa pedicure, to properly lay acrylic and work with an electric file. I have also learned how to accurately soak off acrylic and the overlooked skills such as prepping for a full set, along with removing gel polish and stones in preparation for a fill in. The repetition day in and day out has built my confidence and skill in a short period of time. I am very pleased with the information I have obtained working for this organization and confident that my ability will continue to develop and grow. -Brittany


"Sheena-Thank you! I came to you for 1:1 training. The technique I requested to learn was ombre. Before this training, I didn't feel comfortable giving this service to my clients. After 1:1 with Sheena I can give this service to my clients with confidence. I'm happy my clients are loving it... I'm actually elated to be able to do what I love with the help of this lady. I appreciate you. I will come back & refer others that need help." -Nikki L


"I would like to say thank you to Sheena for this opportunity of this 1:1 training. Today she showed me 5 different shaping techniques (square, stilleto, coffin, round, and almond). I practiced different techniques with her on laying acrylic. I used a different brush than what I'm normally used to. Which today I used a size 20 brush which was different but definitely beneficial. We did a full set today and we went over how to prep the nail properly so it would not lift, also so it would adhere to the glue. It was different than what I had been practicing on my own or what I was previously taught. Her techniques today was definitely different and I will definitely be using those steps that I learned today when I'm home practicing and on future clients."


"After taking Sheena Smiths trainings I have improved immensely with filing, polishing, creative nail art, and I've even been able to learn how to do my own nails" -Shawn


"I enjoyed the one on one experience. She was able to analyze my process and offer technique changes, which were implemented. She was nice and personable with lots of motivation as you learn. Keep up the good work. See you soon" -Lola L


"Overall my One on One class experience was really good! I really like that the session was taped so that I could look back on the steps. We went over shaping and the suggestions for the one ball method was super helpful! I feel so much more confident about my acrylic application now. I've taken other continuing education classes that didn't provide what I needed like this one. I would definitely consider taking more classes with this team in the future. It was clear that Sheena Smith has lots of knowledge of this business and I felt very confident in the accuracy of the information she was providing. I encourage her to continue teaching as it really seemed like teaching and mentoring came natural to her, wish I lived closer." - Etosha J


This is limited to only 10 course purchasers so don't wait! Accelerate your skills today! 💅

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